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One on One
One on One
Easy Online Application
Easy Online Application
Easy Online Application
Instant Approval
Instant Approval
Instant Approval

Three easy steps to a Prevail Child Support Loan

1. Complete the Online Application

2. Get Fast, Online Approval

Once approved, a Prevail Financial representative will call you.

3. Get Your Cash

Funds will be deposited into your checking account as soon as the next business day.

A Simple Way to Borrow

  • With Prevail, Custodial parents no longer have to wait for their monthly support payment or payroll check to meet needs occurring today. Until now, no lending company has viewed child support payments to a custodial parent as a creditable source of income.
  • Prevail is the first company of its kind to empower custodial parents receiving regular child support payments to borrow money against those funds. Our rates are significantly lower than that of the traditional payday lender.
  • Simply put, we offer A BETTER WAY TO BORROW. Apply today and find out why Prevail Financial is the better alternative to the high cost payday lenders.

A Better Way to Borrow

For the time when you need a boost in between paychecks, to take advantage of special opportunities, or to power through the unexpected situation …

Prevail child support loans provide the funds to empower custodial parents and help their families prosper.

Prevail loans are available to qualified individuals without high fees and at interest rates significantly lower than those offered by traditional payday lenders. Loans are offered in increments of $100, with the minimum contract amount set at $500 and the maximum contract amount (for Texas residents) set at $1,000.00.

Learn more about Prevail child support loans and apply in an instant.

Problem. Solution. Prevail.


Credit Card Secured Loan Prevail Loan
(Signature Loan)
Pawn Loan Auto Title Loan PayDay Loan
16% 28% 82% 180% 450% 700%
* Source: Texas Office of Consumer Credit Comissioner